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RoboCup 2008 in Suzhou is over. We became second in the RoboCup@Home league world championship!

After a not-so good stage 1 we really needed a better stage 2 to advance to the finals. We did the "Walk & Talk" test. In this test the robot follows the human which teaches it new locations. When five locations (given by the referees) have been learned the robot switches to navigation phase and has to go to these places in an order specified by the refs. The problem of this test is, that the scenario is re-arranged just before the test is done, so one can not have a pre-generated map of the environment. On the first try one application wasn't started properly after subversion caused some headaches and so we did not get any points. We did the test again on the next day. We got the full 2000 points and were the only team to get the maximum score in any stage 2 test! We also did the party bot, but a bug prevented positive face recognitions to be reported properly so we only got a few points here. After stage 2 we were the team with the most total points in the tournament.

The final is an open test, where each team can do a performance. A jury with three members decide by some given criteria like performance, scientific value and human-robot interaction. The er@ser team from Japan made it first. We became second...

It was a pretty exhausting event. Now we're heading to see some night life of Suzhou before we leave for Shanghai tommorrow. I will write more about this RoboCup later, also something about our involvement in the Standard Platform League with the Nao robots -- after I got some sleep after the last week with an average of about 4 hours of sleep or so per night...

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