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Releases of Fawkes 0.4 and roslua

Yesterday I have released Fawkes 0.4, the robot software framework we have developed at RWTH Aachen University, with contributions from TU Graz and University of Cape Town. Various obstacles made it one year for the release to materialize, but finally it's here with lots of new stuff, check out the announcement. Many people have helped with this release, good to see. Fedora packages are on their way, now that we support system-wide installation.

Recently I have also been busy working on software for another robot software framework -- ROS. As part of my research stay with Dr. Siddharta Srinivasa from Intel Research Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Mellon University I have developed roslua, a ROS client library for Lua. This is only the first step in porting Fawkes' behavior engine to ROS. You can find the full announcement on the ROS website. So after "the discovery" I still can be kind of productive. More is cooking, stay tuned.

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