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More Fedora 22 scrollbar annoyances (fixed)

After my previous encounter with scrollbar annoyances there was one more to fix: the 1px dead zone between the scrollbar and screen edge in Firefox. There was a bug report[/url] for quite some time but not fix, yet. Fortunately, there was [exturl=]another bug a few years ago for which a workaround had been posted.

So, if you are also using a track point or just like to grab the scroll bar with your mouse after doing a swift "hit the right edge" create a file ~/.mozilla/firefox//chrome/userChrome.css and add:

hbox#browser { margin-right: -1px !important; }

Hopefully that's the last annoyance (well, almost at least). Besides avoiding the duck and cover for robot development for some time there are other reasons to stick with a Fedora version for longer than just six months...

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