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Simple Login Monitor
Simple Login Monitor
Monitor remote shells for users who forget to logout
Ever had that really bad feeling when you were at a friend and ssh'ed home to <put-your-favorite-remote-app-here> and then you forgot to logout and your friend can put those noisy HACKED.txt files in your home, or maybe even all over the machine when it was a root account!?
Then you really should consider using this script.

It checks every 3 minutes for users who are idle for more than five minutes. If it finds such users it kills their shells and kicks them from the system ("log them out"). You can define an ignore string that will be used on the from field (last field that you see in who if there are remote users). For example you can put there as ignore if you have a valid reverse lookup for your IPs. Then users from the (assumably) local network won't get kicked. By default there is no logging but you can turn syslog logging :on with the -s flag. Just call "login_monitor --help" for all flags.

This software is not meant to be a "solution" but it is meant to be a starting point. Since you have the source you can implement your policies with it. I guess if you want to use this you already know that...
There is no installation needed. Just run the software. It needs Perl (tested with 5.6) and some Perl modules which should all be in the standard distro.
News script are released and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
By downloading and/or using the software you agree to this license!

You may download the news manangement scripts as a .tar.gz file.
Latest version is 0.1.

login_monitor script     .tar.gz (3380 Bytes)

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