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Palm OS Programmer's API Reference Palm OS Programmer's API Reference Category: Coding
API reference for developing for PalmOS Garnet, now on Access' website.

Aldebaran Robotics Aldebaran Robotics Category: Nerd
Company that produces the Nao humanoid robot.

POSIX Option Groups POSIX Option Groups Category: Coding
Description of POSIX Option Groups and the status of their support in the glibc.

Lazy dog Lazy dog Category: Miscellaneous
Really cool picture from foto community...

Polylux about WoW Polylux about WoW Category: Miscellaneous
A documentary about possible WoW aftermath. Allow yourself to think about it for a minute.

Pico Computing Pico Computing Category: Coding
A company selling nice FPGA cards that you can use in embedded systems and laptops. Would like to get my hands on one of those...

C++ FAQ LITE Category: Coding
A great website to learn about internals of C++, how to work around common glitches and how to write better code.

Open Clip Art Library Open Clip Art Library Category: Free World
This library is a big collection of cliparts. In most cases you should think twice if you really want to use a clipart but for instance in presentations it can make sense.

Xooglers Xooglers Category: Nerd
A gathering spot for ex-Googlers to reminisce and comment on the latest developments in search.

The Stanford Prison Experiment Category: Science
A Simulation Study of the Psychology of Imprisonment. This page contains interesting links to the Iraq Abu-Ghraib desaster.


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