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Last modified December 08 2008 17:37:44
Tim's ExtRPMs APT 4 RPM repository
Here you will find my personal collection of RPM packages formed as an apt repository.

Your can install them via apt-get which you may get at FreshRPMs. There is not yet a web interface for downloading but you may browse through the files here.

Note: All packages you find here assume that you have installed all errata packages. There is a list of repositories at FreshRPMs where you can find repositories that have those packages.
Further note that most of these packages are bleeding edge software (CVS versions, rawhide stuff etc.) so use it with caution. You will find almost only special interest packages here.

Note: This project has been discontinued. Most of the packages I provided here are in the Fedora (Extras) repository now anyway. For the packages not included in Fedora please grab the source RPM and update it to the newest version. I just ran out of time to continue work on this.
You can find information about the packages in this repository here.
GPG Package Key
The packages are digitally signed with a GPG key. Download the ExtRPMs GPG key and import it by executing rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-ExtRPMs.txt as root. The fingerprint for this key is 0A4E 3124 21B0 B29B 89A3 617E 1B0D 8582 DDC0 61A7
Entries for sources.list
Once you installed apt you should add one of the following rules (for your version of Red Hat) to the file /etc/apt/sources.list if you want to get ExtRPMs:
### ExtRPMs Apt Repository for Fedora Core 2
rpm fedora/2/i386 extrpms
rpm-src fedora/2/i386 extrpms

### ExtRPMs Apt Repository for Fedora Core 1
rpm fedora/1/i386 extrpms
rpm-src fedora/1/i386 extrpms

### ExtRPMs Apt Repository for Red Hat 9 (no longer maintained)
rpm redhat/9/en/i386 extrpms
rpm-src redhat/9/en/i386 extrpms

### ExtRPMs Apt Repository for Red Hat 8.0 (no longer maintained)
rpm redhat/8.0/en/i386 extrpms
rpm-src redhat/8.0/en/i386 extrpms

### ExtRPMs Apt Repository for Red Hat 7.3 (no longer maintained)
rpm redhat/7.3/en/i386 extrpms
rpm-src redhat/7.3/en/i386 extrpms
Using apt
If you've done that, the rest is simple. Update the local repository data by doing:
apt-get update

You can upgrade your system with the latest packages with:
apt-get upgrade

And finally you can add new software by typing:
apt-get install <name of software>

Or search for software in the repository:
apt-cache search <keyword>

Remember to update your local repository often before upgrading or installing software.

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