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PalmOS Software

The PalmOS software that I wrote. Have fun with it. Everything is free and most are open.

OHS Mobile OHS Mobile A program to carry the Open HotSpots Network database in your pocket wherever you go.
UniMatrix UniMatrix I'm a student. I have a brain that thinks time has been invented to ignore it. I'm a student. A student of computer science. I have a palm. 1 + 1 = 2. I wrote a software to plan my lessons...
UniMensa UniMensa What food can I get today? Damn, no online right now, WLAN not available here... Oh, pooh, I have a digital offline version...
UniChat UniChat Hey, do you know this new software... PSSSST! Oh damn, he is too far away to talk. How can I tell him about this new tool. What if I'm beamed away or if there is a dimensional portal or we both will end up in different parallel universes... OK, instant messaging via infrared. That's it!
UniSorter UniSorter I have to learn. I don't want to learn from books. I want to code. => I code to learn basic sorting algorithms. This is what came out.
Onager Onager This PalmOS applications acts as a really simple GUI to your mldonkey. It uses the low bandwidth GUI protocol to communicate with your mldonkey.

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