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Uni Chat
Uni Chat
PalmOS software for digital wireless whispering
This PalmOS applications allows you to chat in absolutely noiseless environments. OK, a room full of students "listening" to a lecture is never quiet... But if sitting several seets separated this software has proven to be useful for conversation.
Some features:
  • Beam messages between palm fast and without any "Do you want to accept..." questions
  • Nice start message ;-)

Just to be sure that you heard: You will need a PalmOS device to run this application. You can also use the Palm OS Emulator POSE. Linux binaries can be found here.
Do not ask for ROM files. I cannot and I do not want to share my ROMs with you. Go to the mentioned POSE page, there is a description on how to obtain ROM files from Palm Source directly and legally without owning a Palm handheld.

UniChat is available in multiple languages. Supported languages are right now (randomly ordered):
  • German (Deutsch)
  • English
If you want to help and translate UniMensa to another language please contact me and I will send you the language file.
First public release. If you find any bugs please send me a mail describing the problem (please note OS and hardware you use). 2003/01/30
Fixed odd bug that caused PalmOS 3.5.x (and probably earlier) handhelds to crash on menu access. Seems that there is a BadBug(TM) in the MenuHideItem function...
A special thanks to my friends Tobias "The Bugfinder" Weyand and Sumedha Ananda Markus Widyadharma (just had to write whole name :-) who greatly helped to reduce my Bug rate in this software (and others...). All remaining bugs are my fault. I probably inserted them after their checks...
Some screenshots will give you an impression of the software.

Main screen Edit Time
Main screen About Screen
Supported devices
Any PalmOS handheld device running PalmOS 3.5 or higher should work for UniChat.

I have tested UniChat on:
Palm m515 (PalmOS 4.1, color, tested on real device, works perfectly)
Palm IIIc (PalmOS 3.5, color, tested on real device, works perfectly)
Palm IIIx (PalmOS 4.0, gray, tested on real device, works perfectly)
Palm IIIx (PalmOS 3.5, gray, tested on emulator, works perfectly)
UniChat is released and distributed under the terms of a proprietry license. You may use the software for free and beam it to your friend. You may not distribute it under your name. You may distribute it on so called "Shareware or Freeware CD-ROMs". You must then inform the author before the CDs are published. The author has the right to deny distribution of the software without further need of explanation.
By downloading and/or using the software you agree to this license!

You may download the Palm install file provided as a .zip and as a .tar.gz file.
Latest stable version is 0.3.

UniChat 0.3 (German/Deutsch)     .tar.gz (5671 Bytes)   .zip (6455 Bytes)
UniChat 0.3 (English)     .tar.gz (5611 Bytes)   .zip (6415 Bytes)

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