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Uni Matrix
Uni Matrix
Software for planning your everyday business at university
This PalmOS applications allows you to manage your lessons on your Palm. If you open the program it jumps to the upcoming lessons so that you see fast what comes next. It shows all needed information on one screen.
Some features:
  • Multiple semesters: Up to 16 semester can be managed.
  • Manage courses, events and exams
  • Beaming Support: Courses can be beamed to another palm (You can also beam whole semesters).
  • Keep your data easily in one place. Homepage, email, phone, everything about a lecture in your Palm.
  • Alarm for exams (but not during an exam, UniMatrix will take care of it, only PalmOS >= 4)
  • Notes for events and exams

Just to be sure that you heard: You will need a PalmOS device to run this application. You can also use the Palm OS Emulator POSE. Linux binaries can be found here.
Do not ask for ROM files. I cannot and I do not want to share my ROMs with you. Go to the mentioned POSE page, there is a description on how to obtain ROM files from Palm Source directly and legally without owning a Palm handheld.

UniMatrix is available in multiple languages. Supported languages are right now (randomly ordered):
  • German (Deutsch)
  • English
  • Portugues (Thanx to Leonardo Dias Vaz de Melo from Brasil)
  • French (Thanx to Francis H. and Antoine from France)
  • Greek (Thanx to Tom Diamond from Greece)
  • Slovenian (Thanx to Bostjan Müller from Slovenia)
  • Spanish (Thanx to Antonio Guijarro and Andreu Bassols from Spain)
  • Czech (Thanx to Tomas Kolousek)
  • Dutch (Thanx to Colin Helvensteijn)
  • Polish (Thanx to Tomasz Zielinski)
  • Catalan (Thanx to Andreu Bassols from Spain)
  • Korean (Thanx to Unknown from Korea (do not know which part))
  • Hebrew (Thanx to Gil Zlotnik)
If you want to help and translate UniMatrix to another language please contact me and I will send you the language file.
Palm Software Sponsoring
My Palm Software is Freeware and often Open Source. If you like the software and want feel that you want to give something back consider donating a few Euros/Dollars/you-favorite-currency-here. Thanx for your support.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
There are some questions people are asking again and again. Read the common answers here. Please read this FAQ before sending any questions!
UniMatrix v1.2 released. Fixed bug that only the color fields were redrawn in event editing form after the color was set. Was reported by many users over the years but I just did not find the time to fix it. It was reported now again and I setup the Palm toolchain once again. Additionally fixed a too narrow date column in the exams form.
Release of UniMatrix 1.0rc1. This version fixes several critical bugs that could cause data loss and confusion. Also the "crash after reset" bug has been fixed. Several minor code improvements. More "intelligent" dialog for adding events. It tries to "guess" the color now if there is already an event for the selected course. You should upgrade immediately! If this version does not throw any more bugs I will make this 1.0 and will work on some new features for 1.1 :-)
Release of UniMatrix 0.9. Some major new features. This is the "feature freeze" release for UniMatrix 1.0 so please test it and gremling around to get it stable for 1.0. New features include alarm for exams (only PalmOS >= 4) and notes for events and exams and new caching to get drawing faster (also some flicker removement still needs to be done), ability to show first letters of course name on main page in event boxes.
Release of UniMatrix 0.8. Getting pretty close to the 1.0 release. Lots of new features and several bug fixes. Integrated with other new software like UniMensa and UniChat. Download and try it out.
Release of UniMatrix 0.7. Several users have tested this version and it seems to work pretty well. But just to be sure make a backup before installing this version (as you should do with every new software...). See below what changes have been made and which features I added. If you find any bugs please send me an email describing the problem (please note OS and hardware you use).
Requested and/or planned features
  • Be able to enter events that occur only every second week
  • "Zoom" - Have only 6 hours on one screen instead of 12 for example
  • Enter grades (probably not)
  • Enter feature that shows time to end of current lessens and to start of next lesson
  • Show remaining time for current event, this seems to be wanted by many people that are bored in their lessons :-)
Thanks for all the user contributions for those ideas! Especially to Leonardo Dias Vaz de Melo from Brasil and to Andy Y. Lin from the MIT.

A special thanks to my friend Tobias "The Bugfinder" Weyand who greatly helped to reduce my Bug ratio in this software (and others...). All remaining bugs are my fault. I probably inserted them after Tob's checks...
Some screenshots will give you an impression of the software.

Main screen Edit course Course List
Main screen. UniMatrix can handle up to 16 semesters Edit course Coure List

Main screen with short types Edit Event Exams
UniMatrix can show the types for courses Edit event Exams
What users said about UniMatrix
  • Dear Mr. Niemueller. Thank you for Unimatrix 0.4! It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I am not a student, but a teacher. I have three part-time teaching jobs, and UniMatrix will help me avoid schedule conflicts. Bill Hogue (Kobe, Japan) [Found on]
  • Very good program! well coded, easy to use and very handy. I recommend it to anyone at school or uni! Steg [Found on]
  • The developer seems to know exactly what a student needs and has implemented it in his program. This is what I would probably classify as one of those really functional program. I really wish I had this when I was in university. Guess I'll give this program a try anyway. It looks good! Kuan Ming Keong (Singapore) [Found on SPUG]
  • A simple, well-organized app that does its job well. It should be useful to many people who need to keep track of weekly events or schedules.Bill H. [Found on]
  • [Zip-zilla] transfers everything from Timetable Pro to UniMatrix Andre Tan, Singapore [Found on]
UniMatrix in the press

If you want to write an article about UniMatrix please let me know. The development version I have usually has the features of tommorrow so you might want to test that also. Please send me a printed or digital version or your writing. Thank you!
Supported devices
Any PalmOS handheld device running PalmOS 3.5 or higher should work for UniMatrix. To get the real UniMatrix feeling you need a handheld with a color display. See the screenshots why... But it also supports 16 grays so you can use it on a grayscale device, too.

I have tested UniMatrix on:
Palm m515 (PalmOS 4.1, color, tested on real device, works perfectly)
Palm IIIc (PalmOS 3.5, color, tested on real device, works perfectly)
Palm IIIx (PalmOS 4.0, gray, tested on real device, works perfectly)
Palm IIIx (PalmOS 3.5, gray, tested on emulator, works perfectly)
Palm III (Palms OS 4.1, b/w, tested on emulator, works, but looks bad)
Read complete changelog here.
UniMatrix is released and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). By downloading and/or using the software you agree to this license!

You may download the Palm install file provided as a .zip and as a .tar.gz file.
Latest stable version is 1.2.

UniMatrix 1.2 (German/Deutsch)     .tar.gz (47730 Bytes)   .zip (48840 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (English)     .tar.gz (47450 Bytes)   .zip (48631 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Portugues)     .tar.gz (47713 Bytes)   .zip (48814 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (French/Francais)     .tar.gz (47769 Bytes)   .zip (48867 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Greek)     .tar.gz (48077 Bytes)   .zip (49103 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Spanish)     .tar.gz (47740 Bytes)   .zip (48852 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Slovenian (Latin1))     .tar.gz (47716 Bytes)   .zip (48923 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Slovenian (Latin2))     .tar.gz (46512 Bytes)   .zip (48001 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Slovenian (cp1250))     .tar.gz (46513 Bytes)   .zip (48001 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Dutch)     .tar.gz (47707 Bytes)   .zip (48815 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Polish (ISO 8859-1))     .tar.gz (47655 Bytes)   .zip (48878 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Polish (ISO 8859-2))     .tar.gz (47763 Bytes)   .zip (48996 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Czech (ISO 8859-2))     .tar.gz (47799 Bytes)   .zip (49048 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Czech (cp1250))     .tar.gz (47785 Bytes)   .zip (48989 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Italian)     .tar.gz (47748 Bytes)   .zip (48871 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Catalan)     .tar.gz (47767 Bytes)   .zip (48874 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Korean)     .tar.gz (47418 Bytes)   .zip (48928 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (Hebrew (Israel))     .tar.gz (47250 Bytes)   .zip (48661 Bytes)
UniMatrix 1.2 (source)     .tar.gz (124877 Bytes)   .zip (176205 Bytes)

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