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Uni Sorter
Uni Sorter
Software for demonstration and visualization of sorting algorithms
This PalmOS applications demonstrates and visualizes some of the standard sorting algorithms used today.

It supports the following algorithms:
  • QuickSort
  • QuickSort and Median-of-Three
  • QuickSort and Median-of-Three and partition visualization
  • Insertion Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Bubble Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Heap Sort
  • Shell Sort
  • Shaker Sort (Thanx Tob)
  • Straight Radix Sort
  • Distribution Counting Sort (not really visualizable)

Just to be sure that you heard: You will need a PalmOS device to run this application. You can also use the Palm OS Emulator POSE. Linux binaries can be found here.
Do not ask for ROM files. I cannot and I do not want to share my ROMs with you. Go to the mentioned POSE page, there is a description on how to obtain ROM files from Palm Source directly and legally without owning a Palm handheld.
Palm Software Sponsoring
My Palm Software is Freeware and often Open Source. If you like the software and want feel that you want to give something back consider donating a few Euros/Dollars/you-favorite-currency-here. Thanx for your support.

Some screenshots will give you an impression of the softare.

Main screen Speed setting Insertion Sort
Main screen Delay Selection Running Insertion Sort

Selection Sort QuickSort MergeSort
Running Selection Sort Running Quick Sort with rectangles to visualize partitions Running Merge Sort
UniSorter is released and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
By downloading and/or using the software you agree to this license!

You may download the Palm install file or the whole source package. Both is provided as a .zip and as a .tar.gz file.

Palm application only     .tar.gz (14468 Bytes)   .zip (15203 Bytes)
Complete package including source     .tar.gz (28857 Bytes)   .zip (53554 Bytes)

Note: The source has been developed on a Linux machine. It contains a Makefile that definitely needs to be updated to your system environment and you will need PilRC and the PRC-Tools for building the application from source!

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