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FreeS/WAN Configuration Webmin Module
FreeS/WAN Configuration Webmin Module
Configure FreeS/WAN via a web interface
I started the module while I was in the USA. We (Stephen Nodvin and me) had the idea for this module while we were working on the RockSolid Box. We wanted to integrate VPN functionality and we wanted to be compatible to other system. So we chose the IPSec implementation of FreeS/WAN. This module allows you to configure your VPN gateways easily through a webinterface. It supports nearly all options. In this beta key management and connection status is not yet supported. This will be done in the next version (at least one). Try it out and send me reports via email!
The installation is quite simple: Login to your Webmin as admin (or whatever you called the adminstrative user) and go to the Webmin tab, then choose "Webmin Configuration". Now click on "Webmin Modules". Give the file in the first box (you can choose any installation method, all should work). Hit Install. Now the module is being installed.
Under best circumstances you do not have to configure anything. It is detected automagically. If that does not work (the mod should report that), then go to the module configuration. You can define where to find ipsec.conf, ipsec.secrets and the ipsec command. You can also define a comma-separated list of network interfaces.
That's it.
If you have any bugs please send me an email and tell me about.

If you get this error: "Illegal modulus zero at line 21." then you need to install Perl 5.6! You can get it at CPAN.

If you have any problems with download or installation of the module, please first read the Download and Install FAQ
It's a gzipped TAR file with an .wbm.gz-extension. (It's distributed under GPL)

Latest Version is 0.83.1
Download freeswan-0.83.1.wbm.gz (30564 Bytes)

If you have any problems first read the Download and Install FAQ and then email me.

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