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ISP Control
ISP Control
Administration Software for Internet Service Providers (Webhosting)

ISP Control is a module suite for Webmin to make an ISP's life easier to maintain multiple virtual domains on one server.
The software consists of two modules for Webmin. The first module is called "ISP Domains". It allows to create/edit/delete domains. It can handle Apache Virtuals, Sendmail, Quota, Webmin User, Unix User and POP Users. You can have multiple Resellers on one server, everyone only has the ability to maintain his own domains (you have to configure Webmin strict for security issues).
The second module is called "ISP POP Admin". This is for the customers of resellers. It allows them to configure their POP Accounts (Virtual Users [Aliases], Number of POP Accounts (Reseller can configure how many)).
The modules store all information "in the system". That means that it does not need an own configuration file. This makes it easy to upgrade to newer versions.

Where to get
I'm looking for a company or a team to takeover the development of ISP Control and want to make some profit from it. I'm not going to release it as free software so don't ask (as virtually all protential users of this software will use it to make money). What I want is a company that buys the complete source and then gets on with it on their own. They can use it, sell it whatever, they will have all rights of the source code. If you think that you are such a company please make an offer via mail. Please only send real offers. Be aware that supporting such a product consmes time, especially the more distributions you are supporting. This is why I stopped selling ISP Control myself (besides a terrible mistake in choosing a wrong distribution partner which cost me thousands of dollars to learn). Since my time is limited as student and my interests shifted I'm now looking for someone to take over.

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