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File Upload Webmin Module
File Upload Webmin Module
Upload Files via Webmin
This module allows to upload files to either a specified standard directory (global standard or user standard) or any directory on the system. Therefor it uses the protocol described in RFC 1867. It is supported by Netscape versions 2.0 and above and M$IE 3.0 and above. I took some parts from a script I found somewhere on the net. I think it was from an University.
In case of misuse it opens a big security hole, so use it with care and configure it properly! I'm not responsible for any damage caused by this software (See GPL).
If you get "Missing Content-Disposition header" errors please upgrade to newest version!
The installation is quite simple: Login to your Webmin as admin (or whatever you called the adminstrative user) and go to the Webmin tab, then choose "Webmin Configuration". Now click on "Webmin Modules". Give the file in the first box (you can choose any installation method, all should work). Hit Install. Now the module is being installed.
If you have any bugs please send me an email and tell me about. If you have any problems with download or installation of the module, please first read the Download and Install FAQ
It's a gzipped TAR file with an .wbm.gz-extension. (It's distributed under GPL)

Latest Version is 1.060.1
Download upload-1.060.1.wbm.gz (12877 Bytes)

If you have any problems first read the Download and Install FAQ and then email me.

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