Fawkes for the RoboCup Logistics League


Autonomous mobile robots comprise a great deal of complexity. They require a plethora of software components for perception, actuation, task-level reasoning, and communication. These components have to be integrated into a coherent and robust system in time for the next RoboCup event. Then, during the competition, the system has to perform stable and reliably. Providing a software framework for teams to use tremendously eases that effort. Even more so when providing a fully integrated system specific for a particular domain.

We have recently released our full software stack for the RoboCup Logistics League (RCLL) based on the Open Source Fawkes Robot Software Framework. This release includes all software components of the RoboCup 2014 winning team Carologistics (in cooperation with the AllemaniACs RoboCup@Home team). It specifically also includes the parts of the software which are domain or platform specific or which we consider our competitive edge and were kept private until now. We think that this will make the league much more accessible to new teams and might help existing teams to improve their performance.

RoboCup Symposium 2015 – Development Track