Proposal for Advancements to the LLSF in 2014 and beyond


The Logistics League Sponsored by Festo (LLSF) is a RoboCup league focusing on in-factory logistics applications involving task-level planning, scheduling, and automation in an industrial production workflow scenario. It is meant to spawn interest in industry for current robotics research and to provide a benchmarking domain for such applications. In this paper, we first describe the current set of rules used for the competition in 2013, outlining several advancements like variant production and (almost) autonomous judging through a referee box. We describe and propose changes for 2014, including doubling the field-size, multiple teams competing on the field at the same time, and the introduction of physical processing machinery replacing the signal light metaphor used so far, addressing the recommendations by RoboCup community members and casual visitors alike.

ICAR – 1st Workshop on Developments in RoboCup Leagues